Jul 282010

One week after Betongcupen’s final event in Malmö Ultra Bowl II, there’s going to be an event called Best of Both III. 3000 Euros in cash, Saturday 28th August with after party. This indoor park in Düsseldorf has 2 bowls/pools, one of which has just been converted into a combi pool. This place I’ve wanted to sk8/visit for a long time and have almost got there twice… but this year maybe VERT.NU will make it the whole way down to the Pavel Skates Factory, Hansaallee 32, Düsseldorf, Germany. Should be a huge amount of fun and maybe I can drag along a few guys from Stockholm down there with me :-)

Bailgun magazine had some pics of Best of Both II in their issue 8.1 (some pics of JMag are in there) and here’s a video clip from the 2009 event.

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