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We thought it would be a good idea to follow up on last years winner of the SVSOTY (Swedish VertSkater Of TheYear) award Mathias Svensson. He got the title at the Vertattack 4 comp down in Malmö in January after a poll here at Vert.Nu.

 Happy reading!

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Hi Mathias, how has your first half year as the Swedish vertskater of the year been?

It´s good, having the best time of my life on a skateboard right now, and lots of year ahead  to come. See the vert scene growing each day, makes it’s more fantastic. I´m even stopped my MX career this season to spend more time skating. Getting involved in different projects to make the skate scene reach everywhere/one.

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You are right now building Swedens first Megaramp , why?

It’s a dream I’ve been thinking of  a couple of years now. And when dreams and sponsors came together, things started to roll.  

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Can you give us some info about the mega, measures and stuff?

Ha ha ha… Well, it’s a Mini Mega. You will sort it out when you try it. The ramp is almost finished, I’m just waiting for the surface to arrive.

What kind of boardsetup will you use in the Mega?

Just a normal setup will do, I think.

You have a Megaevent planned , can you tell us something about that?

Gathering some few friends and skate, eat and have few cold ones, nothing big.

What about your skateboarding background? When did you start, why etc..

Watching my sister’s classmates skating some q-pipes at the 80´s was my first experience. I didn’t like playing football or any other traditional sports. Skating was more inspiring. Took it serious when I was 13(1987). And from there I kept going until the euro trip to Amateur World Championship in Antwerp 1994. There I got really bummed because I only got third place and Mathias Ringström won. After that I stopped totally skating and got into windsurf and MX. I guess I was pretty tired of skating at that time, and I started to progress in the Windsurfing scene(actually I got 23 place at the World Windsurfing Production Board Championship in wave ). Did one contest at the Coldstore RM 1997 or 98(?). Got second place and even more bummed ha ha ha… Then I started skating again 2-3 years ago. Hitting the fresh crew in Malmö (Thanks J-Mag) was a totally new start and new atmosphere for me.   

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We know that you are one of Swedens top vert skaters, but you also skate other terrains, what is your favorite next to vert?

Bowls or everything you can hit with the board.

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Can you mention some of the skaters that have influenced your skatebording?

Tony Hawk of course, Chris Miller, Bucky, Jeff Phillips, Monty Nolder, J-Mag, Slappo and Göthberg to mention a few ones.

Any particular reasons why?

Tony for technique, Miller for speed, Jeff for aggrostyle. Skaters who can make a simple trick look way more special has always been inspiring.

Do you have any absolute favorite skatespot that you would like to share with us?

Yepp, Bryggeriet Malmö Sweden. My home track, only 2hours drive one way ha ha ha.. There is always something new going on down there.

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Some quick questions:

Above or on the coping?


Wood or Concrete?

Wood, still learning to get comfortable to concrete.

Frontside or Backside?

Frontside. A good lien to tail with a real loud tail smack on the cooping is the deal. It’s a sweet setup trick to start a session. If it’s a loud smack, you know it’s gonna be a good session

Indoor or outdoors?

If it’s rain we go indoors, sunny and warm we go outdoors.

Ultimate wheelsize?

56mm and 60mm.

Thanks Mathias, looking forward to try out your Mega (or do I…?)

Yepp you will. I let you know when the ramp is ready to race, and then you bring the Sthlm crew to Halmstad for some fun action.


Untitled from Bryggeriet Skatepark on Vimeo.

Thanks John for letting us use the clip!

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  1. KING!!!!!!!!!!

  2. avsnitt 116 from Nacka. Optimized for upptaget folk


  3. Mathias & “Höby” rocks!

  4. Åkt förbi med bussen ett antal gånger, den ser sjukt nice ut och lär väl dra till sig en massa sk8are så man får väl ta och komma och se på när de väl är någon som vågar sig upp i den 😀

  5. stoked!!!!!!

  6. Super interview.
    Looking forward to see video from that mega ramp.
    Keep on ripping Mathias.

  7. Mattias är Sveriges snällaste :)

  8. kanon, blir lite sugen på att prova mini megan

  9. Let’s gooo!

  10. Latest news is that the MiniMega is ready and tested!

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