Jun 262010

Vertcomp starting at 20:00 tonight! Go Oskar!

  12 Responses to “CPH Pro – Live”

  1. What’s the point of skating padless?

  2. Yeah, that was a really heavy slam…Hope he will be ok.

  3. its such a shame to drink and drive without pads…………………..

  4. yeah it was a great comp! got 5th. to bad the street guys had to join… they where drinking and didnt pay any attention at all! and with out pads…

  5. Pretending to be cool and careless has a price. Hope Robbie is OK though.

    Just after the slam (I sat with a perfect view, NOT FUN) I was pretty sure he would die, now I hope that he escapes brain damage. As far as I saw he probably broke a few ribs, broke his nose and smashed most of his teeth. He was knocked out cold for at least 4 to 5 minutes which is of course not so good. During his unconsciousness he had spasms and was gasping for air while bleeding from maybe a pierced lung.

    Lame ass ending to an otherwise great day…

  6. Pads would not have saved him, he got Runes shoulder in his face.

  7. @Foink, of course he would still be hurt, but are you certain that a helmet would have been completely pointless? My money is on that it might have alleviated some of the concussion and it seems rather stupid to suggest otherwise…

  8. Skating without pads and helmet is just pointless. Especially in a vert ramp. I’ve had at least three major concussions while skateboarding and that was when wearing a helmet. Without helmet I’m not sure I would be able to even write this. Thx Protec :)

  9. Either way Rune did not feel good about this slam with Robbie (both mentally and physically) I hope that all works out well for ALL concerned. Choices were made by everyone sk8’ing and it’s so easy to say one thing or another in hindsight… long live sk8

  10. looking forward for some pics of the contest though! :)

  11. From now on I am doing like JHA, skate NUDE!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I long for the pics too:)

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