May 262010

The mythical DC ramp has been rebuilt and now also sports the Monster brand alongside the DC brand. Darkstar has published a video in which PLG explores the various transitions of the ramp. Enjoy!

PLG – Darkstar from sbc spor on Vimeo.

  8 Responses to “The new DC/Monster ramp”

  1. I wan’t one of those.

  2. I could like to try DC’s new ramp.. it seems like than vert’s “wonderland”.
    let us fly to California and visit there!
    or re-design and build Cold Store’s vert ramp? :)

  3. Panda, No money, No funny!

  4. Casper talked a bit about doing some fun stuff with the Cold Store vert. No idea if whose plans will take off though as it would require quite a lot of work and money to realize.

  5. yeah, Casper told a few times about his dream with Coldstore’s vert stuff..lets see what happens….
    no money, no fun. use creative:) or save money and build our own private indoor vert..haha.

    Would like go to California someday in 2011. umm..
    do not forget “skate and have fun”.


  6. going there in a few weeks :)

  7. I think it’s time for the for a Cali tour. 2011 could be it.

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