May 202010 presents the Legends and Profiles series of interviews starting with one of Sweden’s true innovators in vert skateboarding: Mathias Ringström…

You are one of the most succesful Swedish skateboarders in history. It would be great if you could answer some questions for your Swedish fans 😀

Mathias flying over cold store © Dave Östlund

When did you start skateboarding?
I started when i was 10.

Do you remember what brand of board that was your first?
hahaha a Turbo II from Stor och Liten (a toy shop)

When did you start skating transitions?
Right away, it wasn’t really an option back then, skateboarding was transitions, street skating didn’t really exist, most (if not all) photos in magazines were vert or pool. Street skating consisted of streetplants etc, about a year or so into it, Street skating really took off and eventually over, I always liked skating everything, but enjoyed the most flying around on the ramp.

What was your first contest?
a local contest in Tyreso, i was so nervous i fell pushing!

How did you do in it and who won it?
I ended up winning or getting second in the Mini ramp junior.

Which contest do you remember the most and why?
There’s a couple that stands out… The Amateur World Championships in Antwerp -93 where i won is always going to stand out (all thou i don’t remember much, it was all really surreal an “blurry”)
Tampa and Vancouver -99 will always stand out! the two first pro contests that i won (including beating Tony)
X-games 07 of course…

Ringen tweaked Lien © Dave Östlund

Name the three skaters that have influenced you the most:
Lance Mountain and T Hawk (Editor: Mathias obviously doesn’t want to give us three skaters:) )

What company was the first to give you a pro model and when was this?
Evol skateboards this must have been -96 ish.

Do you have any idea about how many different models you’ve had?

You are considered by many to be mister technical with really complicated tricks like front foot impossibles to all matter of of grabs. What is your favorite trick?
It used to be landing a new trick, there’s just something about landing something for the first time, especially after working on it for a long time!
But besides the “rush” of landing something new, my two favorite tricks to do are Japan and lien Japan, just because they feel sooo good to do!

What is your favorite skate spot in Sweden?
Frysen of course :) but it’s really not where, it’s with who you ride with!

Who is your favorite skater?
tough one… and it’s only getting tougher with all the new talent. there’s too many to mention, i like a lot of different guys for a lot of different reasons.

Japan Air

Some quick ones:
Ramp or Pool? Ramp
Wood or Concrete? WOOD!!
Above or on the coping? Above
Indy or Tracker (as that was the major question during the 80s for most skaters) Easy, Indy!
Old shool or new school? It’s all skateboarding!
Frontside or backside? definitely frontside when i’m surfing!
Indoors or outdoors? hahah being in sweden indoors! over here outdoors!
Ultimate wheel size (diameter)? 60mm

What do you look forward to in skating nowadays?
Just skating with good friends and having fun! no more pressure or having to do things when you don’t feel like it! I’m very happy i can still cruise around after the last injury…

And finally, who is Mathias Ringström?
An very happy and thankful individual, that got to live his dream!

Thanks a lot for your time Mathias. we really hope to see you back on your home ground soon but in until then we wish you the best of luck 😀


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  2. Nope, inte alls… kolla vad bra han är på trä:

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